What kinds of baits can you use?

Peanut butter or jam can be used as bait. There are also a variety of different baits available in the market.


What pests can the Trapinator catch?

Trapinator is designed and NAWAC approved to kill possums. It can also kill feral cats and other similar sized pests.


Can the Trapinator be delivered overseas?

Yes, we currently deliver to all different parts of the world. Contact our customer service team to find out more information.


Is there any government approval?

Yes, Trapinator has been tested and approved to meet National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) Standards NZ.


Can I adjust the fire off weight?

Yes, you can adjust the sensitivity of the trigger by bending the arm at the end. See diagram on the side of the trap on how to do this.


Where can I purchase this product?

Trapinator can be purchased through our customer service team on +64 9 579 4089 or sales@trapinator.co.nz.


What are the setting instructions for the Trapinator?

See Trapinator Setting Instructions manual.



DOC Series


What products are in the DOC Series?

There are three traps within DOC Series range, these are as follows; DOC 150, DOC 200 and DOC 250.


What is the spring off weight for the traps?

DOC 150 - 200 optimum spring off weight is 85gms.

DOC 250 is 110gms.


What kinds of bait can I use?

The lure is generally an egg or meat although with tunnel, mustelids can be caught without bait.


What pests can the DOC Series be used for?

DOC 150 is designed to trap stoats, rats and hedgehogs.

DOC 200 is designed to trap stoats, rats and hedgehogs.

DOC 250 is designed to trap ferrets, stoats, rats, mongoose and hedgehogs.


If there are any other pests that you would like to enquire about, please contact our team.


Where can I purchase this product?

DOC Series can be purchased by contacting our customer service team or at various other resellers  around New Zealand.


Is there any government approval?

It is NAWAC approved. Only NAWAC approved traps can be used on Department of Conservation land.


Can the trap be used on its own or does it need housing?

The trap must be fitted into the tunnel of an approved design. Contact our customer service team for more information.


What useful tools could be used to assist with trap setting for the DOC Series? 

The DOC Setting Tool has been specially developed to make trap setting faster, easier and more convenient. 


What are the setting instructions for the traps within DOC Series?

See DOC Series page for setting instructions.


 Mustelid Trap


Is this product safe for native birds?

The product has been designed with the safety of native birds being a main priority.


Where can I purchase this product?

Contact call centre on (09) 579 4089 or sales@trapinator.co.nz


How much does this product weigh? 

Approximately 3.3kg including DOC trap.


Is this product environmentally friendly?

Yes, this product is recyclable.


What kinds of lures can I use for this product?

Most popular lure is egg, however, there are various commercially available alternatives depending on target pest.


What are the setting instructions for this product?

See Mustelid Trap Setting Instructions manual.