Mustelid Trap


Built for ease of usability, the Mustelid Trap is lightweight, durable and stackable for efficiency in transporting large quantities. This trap has been designed to humanely capture and kill stoats, rats, weasels and hedgehogs. Perfect for large conservation projects, this Mustelid Trap makes pest removal and clean up simple with its plastic surface and fully accessible lid.

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Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, recyclable and durable construction
  • Stackable lids for greater efficiency of transporting multiple tunnels
  • Reduced back strain
  • Easy pest removal and clean up
  • UV resistant, for a longer life cycle
  • Secure housing for DOC 150 & DOC 200 traps
  • Designed to trap predators such as: stoats, rats, weasels and hedgehogs

Mustelid Trap Setting Instructions